Currently Building Fairview, TN Citywide Directory 
If You're Not In The Local Business Directory App, Your Competition Has The Edge!
 The ibiz Market Apps local business directory puts your business a touch screen away from your entire community!  Our apps generate momentum by each business promoting the free app download.  Businesses offer coupons, loyalty cards, GPS biz finder, Events calendar, Social media pages, Audio files, Image and video galleries and more!  When people in your town are out and about, they will be checking their local business app to see whats new!  Visitors to your town love being able to see whats available in a town they aren’t familiar with.  Make sure that your company is in your local business directory app.  If you’re not in it, your competition has the edge!
If you don't have a Citywide Business
Directory App in your town, let's start one!
Building Within Your Community 
ibiz Market Apps Citywide Directory will keep your community engaged and coming back time and time again!  Remember, if you’re not in the citywide directory, without a doubt, your competition has the edge!
See The Fairview Directory  
Take a sneak peek of the Fairview, TN Citywide Business and Service Directory, and a quick look at the features in our app demo.
Feature Views
View Loyalty Card
Business Action Center 
View Discount Coupon
View YouTube
Feature Views
Location Plug in 
View Facebook
View Instagram
View Twitter
View Tik Tok
Increase Engagement With Digital
Loyalty Cards & Coupon Codes
Loyalty Cards
Perfect For Many Businesses
Restaurants , Coffee shops, Chiropractors, Hair and Beauty, Boutiques Etc.
Discount Coupons
& Coupon Codes
Set a coupon inside your app for a limited time e.g. “Get 10% off this product”
Targeted Customers  
Your customers are incentivized to come back over and over again!
Full Social Media Integration Keeps
Your Customers Inside Your App
Connect Your Facebook™ Fanpage To Your App
Integrate your Twitter feed to display your latest tweets to your users
Display your Instagram posts inside your app
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